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Spiritual Care Giving 

Chaplain Cindy Zirlott is committed to serving the students, faculty and staff at FSU.  If you would like to talk, please call for an appointment (301-687-7490).  We offer a number of pastoral care giving services. 

Pastoral  or Spiritual Counseling

We all have problems now and then ... everything from roomate concerns to family issues.  Chaplain Cindy has a degree in spiritual counseling and is happy to talk with you or help you contect to the FSU counseling center.

Premaritial Counseling and On Campus Weddings

Premarital Counseling is required for couples that would like Chaplain Cindy to preside at their wedding.  Normally six 45 minute sessions over a 2 or 3 month is the minimum.  We use a number of sources including a workbook, Getting Ready for Marriage to help couples have deep and meaningful conversations about major aspects of their life together as they prepare for their wedding day. 

*The fee to be discussed for this service at the initial meeting.

Marriage and Relationship "Season for  Growing Together" Workshops

Want to fortify your marriage?  Prepare and enrich workshops are held from time to time for couples who would like to explore key biblical principles that can help you develop a deeper relationship with your spouse or dating partner. 

Prayer and Spiritual Direction

Prayer and conversations about spiritual concerns are always available through the Chaplains office.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is an opportunity to meet one-on-one to help you listen and discern God's guidance and insight for your daily life as a discipleship.  Typically a formal spiritual direction relationship involves meeting with your director about once every month (more often if you are having a spiritual crisis) for about 45 mins, thought the exact frequency and duration will be determined by availability.  Chaplain Cindy has a Masters Degree in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction and has been doing this kind of ministry for 12 years. 

Vocation Discernment

This is a chance to explore God's call in your life, discover your gifts, passions, and life direction. 

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